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By fandom:

1st Shop of Coffee Prince

Enchantment (Yoo Joo/Eun Chan, PG)
Even though you're a man (Han Gyul/Male!Eun Chan, PG-13, genderswitch comment fic)
Just As He'd Always Wanted (male!Eun Sae/Min Yeop, PG-13, genderswitch comment fic)

Dark Is Rising sequence

One Goes Alone (Will-centric, PG)

Darker Than Black

before I get any younger (Hei/Amber, NC-17)

DC Comics


Auld Lang Syne (Dick Grayson/Roy Harper, PG-13) Outsiders era
Ground and Center (Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, PG)
Invulnerable (Clark Kent/Tim Drake, PG-13)
New Tricks (Poison Ivy, Nightwing, PG)
Replacement (Jason Todd/Tim Drake, NC-17)
See You Later (Roy Harper/Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake, NC-17, AU)
Solitary Ghosts (Robin III, PG-13)
Spoiling for a Fite (Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, PG, AU)
Substitutes (Bruce Wayne/Tim Drake, NC-17)
Uneasy Allies (John Constantine/Batman, PG)



Sacrifice (John/Chas, NC-17)


Even the Angels (Lucifer and Michael, PG)

Death Note

Triptych, part 1 (Mello/Matt/Near, Matt/Near, Mello/Near, Mello/Matt, NC-17, spoilers through the early 60s)

As-yet-untitled series of Mello-related fics
Something That is Mine Alone (Mello/L, R/NC-17, shota warnings)
Fireflies (L/Mello, one-sided Near/Mello, R)
Box of Rain (L/Mello, Mello/Near, NC-17, spoilers through chapter 61)
Thunder of a Distant Storm (Mello/Raito, R/NC-17, slightly alternate timeline obviously, spoilers for 58)
False Spring (Mello/Near, R/NC-17, spoilers through 77)
How Certain the Journey (Part I) (Mello/Near, PG-13, spoilers through 77)
This Journey's Hurting (Part II) (Mello/Near, NC-17, spoilers through 77 and really you need to read Part I first)
They Also Serve (Mello/Matt, Mello/Near, PG-13, spoilers through 77)
Once More I Trust To Have (Mello/Matt, NC-17, spoilers through 77)
Dusk (Mello/Matt, PG-13 - this one can stand on its own as well)
Letting the Days Go By (Mello/Matt, NC-17, spoilers through 58)

Riddles in the Dark (L/Raito, NC-17)
How You Play the Game (L/Raito, R/NC-17, spoilers for chapters 34-35)
Learning to Fly (L/Raito, NC-17)
Easter Candy (Mello, Matt, & Near, G)
Hands (R)
Not Quite a Fairytale (Matsuda/Misa, PG-13)
No More Heroes (Matusda with hints of Light/Matsuda, PG-13, spoilers through the end of the series)
Mirror Image (Mello/Near, Hal->Mello, PG-13, spoilers through 77)
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (Mello/Matt, PG)
Newton's Third Law (Mello/Near, PG-13)
Recurrence (Mello/Near, PG-13)
Belated (L, Light, PG)
Chess (Mello/Near, G)

Dragon Age: Origins

An Antivan's Comforts (Zevran/Alistair, PG-13)

Fatal Frame

the things we deserve (Mio/Mayu, NC-17, incest, masochism, and general darkness)

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Clasped Hands (Ike/Soren, G, comment fic)
Closer Enemies, part 1 (Stefan/Ike/Soren, R)
Closer Enemies, part 2 (Stefan/Ike/Soren, NC-17, non-con)
Closer Enemies, part 3 (Stefan/Ike/Soren, NC-17, non-con)
A Well Deserved Lesson, or The Real Reason Ike Wears Wrist Wrappings (Soren/Ike, NC-17)
The Truth Shall Set You Free (Chapter 1) (Ike/Soren, NC-17)
Not the Man I Thought You Were (Chapter 2) (Ike/Soren, R)
You Can't Please All of the People... (Chapter 3) (Ike/Soren, NC-17)
The Cost of Love (Chapter 4) (Ike/Soren, Rhys/Titania, R)
Brother's Keeper (Chapter 5) (Ike/Soren, NC-17)
Distractions (Chapter 6) (Soren/Ike, NC-17)
Ripples (Chapter 7) (Ike/Soren, Rhys/Titania, PG)
Consequences (Chapter 8) (Ike/Soren, NC-17)
Good Intentions (Chapter 9) (Ike/Soren, PG-13)
Chemistry (Chapter 10) (Rhys/Titania, Oscar/Kieran, NC-17)

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

The Princess in the Tower (Princess Leanne, PG)
Compensations (Elincia/Lucia, NC-17)
Never a War that Was Not Inward (Ike/Soren, PG-13)

Fruits Basket

Flimsy Excuses (The Puppy Dog Eyes Remix) (Shigure/Hatori, R)

House War Series

Indelible (Duster/Jewel, R)


Ground Zero (Natsuo/Youji/Kio, PG-13)
Red and Black (Kio--> Soubi, PG)
Perfectio Fugit (Soubi, PG-13)
ensnared (Ritsu/Soubi, shota warnings, NC-17)


Imparted Glow (Nana/Hachi, PG-13) Note: This is a "5 Things That Never Happened to Nana Komatsu" fic, in case you use the direct link and so don't see the summary.


Afterbirth (Hakkai/Gojyo, PG-13)

The Silmarillion

What Pandora Left (The Heart-Shaped Box Remix) (FĂ«anor/Nerdanel, PG)

Star Wars

Heat Transfer (Anakin/Padme, NC-17)
Fear of the Future (Anakin/Padme, NC-17)
Shadow of the Past (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Carth/female!Revan, R)

The Sun Sword series

Needful Things (Auralis/Kiriel, R)
The Quality of Silence (Alina di'Lamberto/Mirialyn ACormaris, PG-13)

Tales of the Abyss

Once a Servant (Peony/Jade/Guy, NC-17)
Welcoming Party (Peony/Jade, PG)

Tales of Vesperia

Highwayman's Honor (Yuri/Flynn/Ioder, R. Regency AU)
Pet Peeves (Flynn, Yuri, & Repede, G)

Vampire Knight

Bound and Restricted (Kaname Kuran/Zero Kiryuu, NC-17, non-con)
Burning in Red (Kaname/Zero, PG-13)
A Cinderella Story (Kaname Kuran/Yuuki Cross, NC-17)
resistance is futile (Kaname/Zero, NC-17)

War for the Oaks

Here Comes the Sun (Willy-centric, PG-13)

Weiss Kreuz

The Observer Effect (Crawford/Schuldig, NC-17)
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (The Everything Has a Price Remix) (Crawford/Schuldig, NC-17)


The needs that drive you (KOS-MOS/Shion, songfic, NC-17)
Echo (Rubedo/Albedo, NC-17, incest and general darkness)
Regrets (Jin, KOS-MOS/Shion, Kevin/Shion, PG-13)
Teleology (chaos/Canaan, PG-13)
Unreal (Shion/Canaan, R)


Beloved (Vampire Knight/Loveless, Kaname/Soubi, PG-13)
Dollhouse (Dollhouse/DCU, Steph-centric, PG)
Fear of the Dark (Sandman/Honey and Clover, Death/Ayu, PG-13)
Glass Onion (Death Note/Bleach [ profile] bnf_brawl timeline, Mello/Matt/Hitsugaya, PG-13)
Leave No Trace (Death Note/Loveless, L/Soubi, PG-13)
Microcosm (Death Note/Chintsubu, L/Raito, R/NC-17)
A Momentary Lapse (Vampire Knight/Persona 3, Kaname/Mitsuru, PG-13)
Sincerest Form of Flattery (Hellblazer/Supernatural, John Constantine/Castiel, PG-13)
Though They Be Small (Girl Genius/Saiyuki, Sha Gojyo/Agatha Heterodyne, PG)
Want, Take, Have (Sun Sword/Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Auralis/Ike, NC-17)

By challenge/exchange:
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I wrote this a long time ago for [ profile] bnf_brawl and thought it was time I re-posted it elsewhere.

Title: Solitary Ghosts
Fandom: DC Comics, especially Robin
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Robin III, though mentions of others
Word Count: 529
Spoilers: The end of Infinite Crisis and Batgirl

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